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"Michael is an AMAZING massage therapist.

I came to Cleveland Ohio to compete in the Senior Games..both the triathlon and two days later in the 5k.   I am also a Cancer survivor and because of the multiple surgeries I have had, I have a lot of scar tissue.  Michael helped to get my muscles loosened up and feeling great. I wound up winning TWO GOLD medals and I know that his massage work was an integral factor in helping me win.

GOD really blessed me when he brought Michael into my life."

Karen Newman


"Being a massage therapist myself, I am rather particular about choosing a massage therapist for myself. Sometimes I need specific therapies and other times I simply want a relaxation massage with a generous amount of pressure. Michael Liska is the massage therapist for me! He has a vast knowledge of the actions of the muscles and is very creative with unique joint movement techniques. Seems each massage he gives is somehow better than the previous one!"

-Anthony Lima, CMT

"I have been a regular client of Michael's for quite sometime now. As one of Michael's first clients, I've seen first hand the progressive path that Michael has taken in his career. In starting a career some people just have an innate gift and natural talents for what they are ready to embark on. This, coupled with the intense passion for the benefits of the healing touch, was exactly why I knew I was in the right place for my massage with the right person. Michael has always had an incredibly relaxing, yet firm touch, able to make some of my worst problems seem almost non-existent. However, it was his continual developments in multiple techniques, such as positional release, sports therapy, and positional release that made me a regular on his massage table. As a professional dancer and dance instructor, I do many actions on a daily basis that create many issues with my body. I have old injuries, and worn muscles that Michael has continually worked on and improved. The benefits I've received from continuous massage therapy are too numerous to mention. From my career, my sleep, to my overall health, Michael has given me increased mobility, flexibility, muscle endurance/strength, and healthier sleeping patterns.

       I would without reservation recommend his services and have, to a number of my clients and colleagues. His sensitivity to body image and the emotional status of his clients make him an exceptionally comforting choice for a massage therapist. His medical expertise in anatomy and physiology make me confident that I'm going to someone who my body will always benefit from. Aside from all of that, Michael has an incredible sense of customer service. His call the next day after to see how my body is doing is always so professional and greatly appreciated. Again, there is no better choice for the healing touch than Michael Liska, hands down ;-)"

-Antonio Nunez, Dance director and manager of Londance Studio





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